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Just got a new Android tablet and installed Joplin from the Play Store. I opened the app expecting to get a login screen and...nothing. It goes right into the app. I've looked everywhere in the app for the last half hour and cannot find how the heck to log in!

I have Joplin on my old Android tablet but it's been so long since I installed it that I have no idea of how I did it.

Any ideas?

I don't think you log in to Joplin but in the app, go to configuration and there should be an option for you to set your sync settings. Configure that to go to whatever service you are using to sync your notes like Dropbox for example. Once you reconnect to that, you should get your notes back.

Tried that, and nothing happens. All permissions are allowed.

What I've also discovered is that the app does not respond to any configuration changes nor to any attempt to make new notebooks or notes. Nothing is saved. For example, I keep changing it to dark mode but nothing happens and it stays in the same light mode. Since there's no "apply" button, the change should be immediate.

I've uninstalled and installed three times from Google Play Store and once via sideloading. Always the same.

Both tablets are running Android 11. The old tablet is running Joplin just fine. The new tablet doesn't do anything with the Joplin app, though I've set up about 10-15 other apps on it without a hitch.

I'm stumped.

There is a disk icon on top of the screen to save your changes in the configuration panel.

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Holy Sh*t! Very cleverly hidden. It looks like some form of decoration.

Hmm, yeah maybe a floppy disk is not the best Save icon in 2021, on a mobile phone. Although I'm not sure what else we could use instead.

Millenials.... WTF is a floppy disk? :wink:


Just Googled "save icon" and mostly what showed up were versions of floppy disks! Two thoughts:

  1. Just put the text SAVE next to the icon
  2. At the top of the configuration page just put a line to remind users to save all changes with an image of the floppy disk.

Also just noticed that in dark mode the floppy disk symbol gets a noticeable box around it when a configuration is changed. But, in light mode this box is very difficult to see, especially on small device.

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How very dare you! I'll have you know your are accusing the wrong demographic, we still grew up with the sodding things. My first computer was a Windows 3.1 machine. I even had a floppy disk digital camera (not that it was any good).

I'd say the icon is fine, but it would rather be nice if Joplin simply asked the user for confirmation when trying to exit the configuration screen with unsaved changes. Right now there are no prompts when going back. The user likely assumes the settings are saved automatically (as it is the case in many other applications).


Maybe change the color of the Floppy Icon to bright red, instead of black and white.


Better yet, turn it bright red when and only when there are unsaved changes.

Yes, the Floppy icon already appears only when there are unsaved changes. If all the changes are saved, then you see a dimmed black and white Check icon. So it should be enough to change the color of the Floppy icon to bright red.

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