Update check for android application

Since Joplin Android app is outdated in Google Play (sdk version requirements) and absent in F-Droid, users have to install it manually.

It would be convenient to have an option to notify about the new app version available on Github releases, like in the desktop app.

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The problem with this is that Google Play policy doesn't allow such a functionality, so you would essentially need to have two separate apps - one for GitHub, and one for Google Play.

But if newer versions aren't on play store anyway, then who cares about Google.

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It can be just a build-time flag, for building with enabled and disabled version check.

@roman_r_m & @selivan
I had no clue until I read this thread. It means that the explanatory website (@ Joplin - an open source note taking and to-do application with synchronisation capabilities ) is misleading and the download site (@ Downloading Joplin... | Joplin) has you downloading an outdated version. There shoudl be a note on bother pages.

This post explains why there is not a version 2.9 Andriod app on the Play Store.

TL;DR - By the time the app has been updated and modified to meet Google's Play Store publising requirements, Google have further changed those publishing requirements.

One point made in the post is, "... therefore there will not be a 2.9 version for Google Play." This suggests that later versions will be on the Play Store when Joplin can catch up with Google's ever-changing requirements.

So this appears to be a temporary situation.