Problem with Android 13

Joplin cannot access storage and files on a Galaxy Tab a8 running Android 13. I can't sync it with Dropbox.

In the app permissions there is no such option, only access to camera, photos, multimedia, microphone and location.

On my "old" phone, with Android 6.0.1, Joplin works fine.

Any suggestions?

Joplin 2.10.8

Apologies if I have misunderstood you but Joplin does not connect to Dropbox through the app permissions in Android.

To connect to Dropbox, open the Joplin app, press the "hamburger" menu icon at the top left, go to Synchronisation, select Dropbox, and link Joplin to your Dropbox account.

Thanks @dpoulton

Sorry. I think I expressed myself badly. My English is neither native nor good.

The difficulty is not with the communication with Dropbox, that works fine.

The problem is that Joplin can't save on the device the data it downloads.
When the synchronization is apparently finished, there is no data saved and everything remains unchanged. No error message is displayed either.

I understand that Joplin needs access to the folders and files, but I don't have the option to grant it that permission.

I read that in Android 13 there was a change in the security protocol. Maybe this problem is related to that.

I don't think Joplin needs access to anything other than its own install folder. I checked a few of my devices and Joplin has NO permissions at all yet it still works well. I looked at my Tab A8 specifically but it's only Android 11 (with no update available from Samsung) and it too has NO permissions at all but works fine.

Thank you @HarSel,

I'm going to do some more tests, but I've gone over everything several times and can't get it to work.

Anyway, I would appreciate if someone who is using Joplin with Androd 13 can confirm that it works correctly, in particular the synchronization.

Thank you very much.

I've got Android 13 on my Tab S7+ and it works fine. I don't use Dropbox, I sync with a local Synology NAS if that makes a difference. I have Dropbox installed on it but don't use it very often since the tablet doesn't get connected to the internet very often.

Very good information, thank you.
I will keep looking for the solution to this problem.

Works for me, Android 13 syncing to Dropbox. I suspect you might be trying to point Joplin to the local folder where Dropbox syncs your files? It's not how it works, Joplin goes directly to dropbox and uses only its local storage for which no special permissions are needed.

It may help if you showed us a screenshot of the sync settings screen on your phone.

Hi @roman_r_m

Do you mean this screen?

I've got Joplin on my Android 13 (Samsung Galaxy A13 5G) and sync with OneDrive works fine.

Thank you @stevemagruder.

In Joplin configuration I found this (sorry but my language is Spanish):

That looks like the Storage permission. Oddly enough, Joplin only has the Location permission given on mine at this point.

Might you have a special security-related app running on your phone by chance? If so, disable it and test again.

Or, can you tell us what the Battery setting for Dropbox is? If it's Restricted, perhaps change to Optimized, or if Optimized, change to Unrestricted. I've had Battery settings mess with my apps before.

Yes. And yours looks just like mine, except that I have sync only on WiFi off. I don't see how it could be relevant though.
Can you access Dropbox website from your phone?

Oh and you need to keep Joplin open and the screen on to let it sync.

Thank you @stevemagruder for your suggestions.

The device is a new tablet (I bought it yesterday) and I did not install any security apps. There is no application limited by battery settings.

The only thing I see is that on my cell phone Joplin has access to storage (and it works fine) and on the tablet it does not and there is no way to grant it.

This is the permission settings on my phone (here Joplin works fine)


I know very little about tablets, so that could be a blind spot for me.

But perhaps the tablet manufacturer has a built-in app doing something unwanted here?

This is the permission settings on my tablet (where I have the problem). There is no "storage" option.

Yes @roman_r_m , I can connect and browse Dropbox. Joplin also connects, the problem is local. In the image it "looks" like Joplin is synchronizing, but when it finishes it didn't save anything, everything is the same as before.


Unfortunately I found this message from Android about Joplin.

It is clear that there is a compatibility problem. :frowning_face:

Maybe because the tablet is new and has the latest version of Android 13, with the latest patches.