How to copy/paste notebooks?

Hi everyone,
Is there a way to copy/paste notebooks ? Until now I export a notebook in .jex in order to import it again (equal copy/paste for me !).
Multiple selection of notebooks would be great too...

What use case are you thinking about ? copy/paste from where to where?
If you meant notebook duplication, you may find this topic interesting, even though there does not seem to be a solution yet.

Thank you very much for the answer and the link : it's exactly my issue.
There are a lot of different situations where it's usefull to be able to copy directly (copy/paste) a notebook with all his sub-notebooks and all their notes (inside in another notebook, in the same profile or to another one).
So there's no solution at this moment (except do use the jex exportation-importation) ? Sorry to ear that because it's a very important need for me.
For example I have nearly 2000 sub-notebooks into a notebook. I need to give to a friend only a part of them (just less than 40 sub-notebooks on the 2000). I prefer to copy/paste directly 40 times than to export-import jex 40 times (and re-organise them at the right position). I still prefer to copy/paste directly the 40 sub-notebooks thant to export all the notebook with the 2000 sub-notebooks and delete after one by one the 2000 - 40 = 1960 sub-notebook non needed !!!
I hope someone will do such a pluggin in a near future...
With for example a copy mode with checkboxes in front of all the subnotebooks you want to copy, in order to do a multiple copy/paste in one time...
Thanks again.

To give a realistic example : I lost 3 days to import/export .jex when only less than 1 hours would be needed with a copy/paste of notebooks, enabled !
Like others, this functionality (copy-paste and multiple copy) is an absolute priority in my wish list... :slight_smile: