Exporting multiple notebooks in one go

I have a large number of notebooks now, is it possible to select them all at once and export them for backup.

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This would be a useful feature for me as well. I’m doing backups by exporting to jex now and then, and an “export all” feature would come in handy.

I’m not sure if the jex format supports multiple notebooks in one file. If it doesn’t, choosing a path where one file per notebook is created would work just as well.

If you export “All notes” in a .jex file, importing it further will keep you all notebooks, tags, and so on.
At least that’s what I found for my use.

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Thanks for the input @betternote. I guess you mean select “All notes” and then use the file -> export menu item? I’ll try that next time i need a backup. I’ve been using right click -> export on single notebooks so far, and there is no right click option on All notes, or possibility to select multiple notebooks and right click -> export, which got me confused.

I moved all my notebooks under a single parent one to ease the export

You didn't actually need to do that. If you use the main menu export (File > Export > JEX - Joplin Export File) you do not have to select any notebook or notes to export. It exports everything; all notebooks, all notes, all tags, all attachments (resources).

It does the same for the other File > Export options except for PDF.


Thank you that is indeed way simpler.

I used the import from a folder as I had to recover the notes coming from a synchronization to a Nextcloud instance which got me to never actually try a proper export first leveraging the JEX format - will stick to that for backup and continue using Nextcloud for sync across devices.