Copy all notes from a notebook to a different notebook

I need to be able to duplicate an entire notebook and all the notes within it, but couldn’t figure out a way to do it efficiently (desktop app).
I was able to select all of the notes in a notebook with shift-click and use duplicate and move the duplicated notes into a new notebook. However each note name was appended with ‘-copy’ and it would be tedious to rename over a 100 notes.

Any suggestions on how to do this easily or is this a feature request?

  • right click on a notebook and click duplicate
  • select a group of notes and click ‘duplicate in another notebook’

Not possible now, unless you can script it yourself using API.

here’s a workaround using export and reimport:

  • select the notebook (eg.: 'somenotebook’)
  • export the notebook in jex format (eg: test.jex) by right-clicking (export in main menu will export the whole db and not just the selected notebook)
  • reimport the JEX file
  • the notebook will appear as a subnotebook under the filename of the exported file (test/somenotebook)
  • rename test/somenotebook to different notebook

Thank you, this worked perfectly for duplicating a notebook!

Thank you for this suggestion.
Unfortunately the notebook and the subnotebooks get " (1)" appended at the end.
Do you know why?

I am using Joplin as a weekly journal of something and have templates for notes and notebooks for each new week.
Instead of copying the old notebooks and notes, remaining them and deleting the content, I would love to just copy the empty templates I have created.

Is there a solution for this?

I assume this is to prevent any ambiguity between notebooks when importing one with the same name. I don't think there is anything in Joplin stopping notebooks having the same name but at the moment of import it makes sense to be able to distinguish them.

There is a templates plugin you could look at using rather than just duplicating notebooks.

Thanks. I am aware of the templates, but cannot work out how to create notebook/subnotebook structures and note templates with predefined titles with this.
I think the template plugin is just for the content of the notes and maybe the title.
Am I correct?

As I understand it, yes, didn't realise it was a whole heirachy you were duplicating.

Not sure there is a good workaround in that case outside of data api or plugin magic.

For information, I have the same need as heluca. A kind of "copy/pastle" of a whole notebook.
My use case : I use a kind of "boilerplate" notebook that I duplicate every month/year. "Billing 2021", "Billing 2022"...

Do devs have access to behavior changes like adding plugin commands to the right-click context menu? I may take a crack at creating a "duplicate notebook" plugin. I think it would be incredibly useful for templating team-based notebooks where each team member/department has their own checklist templates to manage. As noted by @heluca, it is tedious to copy multiple notes from project to project.

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Ah. If I'm not mistaken, this would be possible using the Folder Context Menu, correct?