Issue importing. notebooks created with parenthesis and a number inside it

when importing from a jex file from my main pc to the laptop it creates a (1) for those notebook with same name regardless if its inside of a notebook or not. Havent checked if this is also true for notes though.

is there a fix for this?

You can’t import a notebook inside another notebook, they will always be imported at the root and if there’s another one with the same name, it will append a number.

im not saying that i imported the notebook one by one I imported my whole joplin JEX file which consist of many similar names inside it at once.

old computer exported JEX

new computer
Food (1) (Notebook)

is this an expected behavior?


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Is this gonna be acknowledge as an issue?

To keep track of issues, it’s best to create one on GitHub.

issue has already been opened in github a while back so far no action has been taken yet

@tony I’m trying to give a shot at this issue, but I need some clarification first. Do I need two PCs to test this?

@Runo-saduwa, to answer your question, it doesn’t require a second PC. It just requires any Subnotebook to be named the same, regardless of where in the tree it is. I organize my journal entries by month and year using subnotebooks and have ran into the same bug when I imported my Notebooks into Joplin during a borked test that could have lost me most, if not all, of my journal entries.

Here’s a screenshot:

And here’s a simple test Jex file:
Import-Bug-Jex.jex (14 KB)

If you open it with any text editor and search for 2018 and 2019, you’ll find 2 references each with no additional numbers added to the Subnotebook names and both can be found under January and February respectively.

Joplin Version: 1.0.179
Platform: Linux
OS: Artix Linux 64 bit

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Thanks for the detailed information @bedwardly-down , I’ll try my best to see what can be done about this


Hi was just wondering if you made any progress on this?