How to centralize data storage location on NAS, bypass Sync?


Is there a method that I can store all my notes and settings for Joplin on my local NAS instead of having to sync with my desktop?


I keep all mine on a Synology NAS and use WebDAV to sync my laptop and all my Android devices.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

When you sync though, does not your laptop and android device cache a local copy for offline mode?

Each client is designed to maintain its own database where the notes and status information are stored. If you managed to create a central profile folder (not a sync copy) and used that single profile folder for each client, it would mean more than one client would need to use the same database at the same time. So I guess that the answer to your original question is no.

Joplin does not cache a local copy so that it can work offline. It does not have an offline mode that it uses only if there is no access to the cloud storage service. It works by storing the data locally and then uses the sync just as a method to send and receive changes with other clients. Joplin is basically a standalone app and the cloud service acts as a data exchange path between clients, not as the primary data store.

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