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Considering a switch to Joplin! Does it do what I hope it does?

Hey everybody, I'm wondering if Joplin on Linux can do these two things:

  1. Work entirely offline without the Internet (basically deploy fully on filesystem or create a server for itself on your machine
  2. Automatically back itself up to your own private cloud running on a NAS without much scripting needed, hopefully can set up entirely from GUI

If it does, I'm so coming on board!


Hi. Welcome!

Joplin can work fully offline without any server.
To back up you can either use built-in sync function or a separate backup plugin.

So I'd say Joplin does both things you need.

  1. Yes, it can work 100% offline (locally)
  2. There's a sync to any webdav for data and number of clouds including self hosted nextcloud. You can even go with joplin server (beta) and keep everything in a separate (local or remote) database.
    Although, there are only options to sync from every 5 min to 24 hrs, there's an amazing plugin for backup that can save any increment of data (including visual settings of the app, I heard) with any time period in hours (say once a week). Also you can adjust how many copies of data it needs to hold.
    It can even save backup on network drive (say samba).

And all that is from GUI, no scripting required (although if you're in linux, you might need to know how to mount network drive if you wish to use it)

Link to backup plugin

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Syncing is not a backup !!!

Imagine you have 3 sync targets. For some reason some data is missing on one target. This means that the missing data is deleted from all targets and the local client. I would hardly call this a backup solution.

If something happens to your sync location (this includes a SAMBA/NFS share) your local data will be lost! There's no master/server and slave/client concept. It's a 2-way sync.

The only way to backup your notes is to do an export to JEX.