Experiencing empty notebook

I’m experiencing a problem with desktop client of Joplin, I already lost all the content of the database twice!
I had Synchronisation enable to a network path, but this path is not always available (pc offline for example).
Can this cause this problem? What is the purpose of having a backup location if the temporary absence of it cause lost of data!

Can you please help me?

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Hi and welcome.
Why don’t you use a storage service like Dropbox or something ?

I can’t, my work network don’t allow sync services, but I have a personal network share that is backuped regularly.

The sync isn’t a backup solution it’s for syncing. It seems that when the sync location is missing from the network it’s appearing as an empty directory, which tells Joplin that the files have been deleted thus the local client will follow suit and delete your notes.

I would recommend syncing to a local folder on your computer and use another tool (such as rsync) to keep that local folder in sync with your network folder.

can a memory stick be plugged ?

because the doc says

The portable application allows installing the software on a portable device such as a USB key. Simply copy the file JoplinPortable.exe in any directory on that USB key ; the application will then create a directory called “JoplinProfile” next to the executable file.
work also on linux

I understand your point. May I ask if it’s possible to implement an option to choose which can of synchronization to use?
2-way will be the current behaviour.
1-way will be considering the sqllite always as master and the sync location as secondary.

This will solve my problem and introduce a handy function.

Please let me know
Many thanks

Since the sync folder must be alway available to don’t lose data, I had to have it always with me, if my laptop bag get stolen or lost probably the memory stick with it and I will have maintained 2 copy of my data for nothing.