Syncing between two PCs on the same LAN


I'm still a newbie to Joplin. I left Evernote for Joplin recently. I'm happy with my choice.
However I would need advice from other users' experience.

I understand that contrary to Evernote it is not possible to access my Joplin data on the web.

Anyway what interests more is syncing my Joplin databases between my two PCs on the same LAN.

Can someone let me know how to do? Many thanks in advance.

One of the main features of joplin is the fact that it is not tied to any data provider so you can either choose your own data hosting (Dropbox, one drive etc) or host your own. This does if course mean there is, as you say, no real web version as there is nobody to centrally host the website (yet). If you only want to sync on your own network then you can use the file system sync target. Have a look through the synchronisation section on the readme.

Only use filesystem sync, if you know that your network is stable and built in a redundant fashion. If for some reason the share is lost, you will lose all your data, because the client thinks the data was deleted on purpose and wipes it from the client.