How should I resolve conflicts on iOS?


What is the recommended way of resolving conflict in the iOS app? On desktop I use the Joplin plugin to resolve conflicts, but plugins aren't available on iOS (I think?)

You are right, plugins won't help. If you have a good version of your Joplin profile on your desktop, erase the Joplin app from your iOS device, and start all over.

That would just lose the local changes I wrote on my phone :fearful:
I want to know how to merge, not lose everything!

How many changes have you made on your phone (new notes, changed notes) BEFORE this problem started ?

I often multitask between my phone and my desktop computer. So I regularly get conflicted notes in Joplin. Maybe every 1-2 weeks? On desktop, I use the Joplin module to resolve the conflicts. But on iOS, it's unclear what I'm supposed to do to resolve the conflict. The app offer no guidance, no hint.

How do I resolve a conflict?