Notes created in Android Conflicts notebook don't stay there

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What issue do you have?

Notes created in the auto-generated Conflicts notebook on Android become unassigned from any notebook in Android and desktop clients.


Creating notes in the Conflicts notebook should be disabled to prevent messing with an auto-generated notebook. If that isn't possible, created notes shouldn't be moved to partially inaccessible locations, and the Conflicts notebook should show on desktop when mobile conflicts exist as described below:

Steps to reproduce

  1. On Android, create a New Note with any title in the Conflicts notebook (... displays in the notebook dropdown, despite having no notebook with that title)
  2. Finish editing to see that the note appears in the Conflicts notebook
  3. Tap All Notes to see that the note appears there too
  4. Wait a few minutes, then sync
  5. Visit the Conflicts notebook again to see that the note has disappeared, despite it still showing in All Notes
  6. On desktop, open the note through the All notes notebook to see it assigned to Conflicts, despite the Conflicts notebook not visible in the notebook list
  7. Click In: Conflicts to open what seems to be a blank notebook

This comment from an open Github issue matches my support request: [Desktop] New note is created in the "Conflicts (attachments)" folder · Issue #6081 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

It also suggests a solution similar to the following feature request:

I look forward to an implemented solution to this bug like any of the above.

For now, how can I prevent the Conflicts notebook from being created on mobile? I don't use it, so I'd like to prevent this issue.

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