New Note Conflicts

On iPad
Joplin: v10.0.53
Ipad operating system: iPad Pro 4th generation Model A2229
ipad Software version: 13.7

Joplin Version on Desktop
Joplin v1.0.245
desktop operating system: Mac OS X El capitan v10.11.6

I would make a new note, add some information and immediately sync on my desktop and iPad before editing it on my ipad.
I would go and make changes on my desktop, sync, and new “Conflicts” would appear, on my iPad however I did not edit it on my iPad nor edit it when on desktop was syncing. When it syncs on my iPad it would create a new “Encrypted” note with the exact notes I had conflicts earlier with.

So every time I synced on my iPad, Joplin would create duplicate notes created in my original folder. When I click out of the folder, it disappears but appears in the “Conflicts” folder. I’m pretty sure I’m doing everything correctly to avoid conflicts, but this issue hapens whenever I make a new note on my desktop. As I did not edit the notes before syncing on my iPad, I don’t know how to resolve the conflicts without deleting the notes altogether on my iPad. This is currently happening to new notes I am creating or notes I’ve recently edited.