How to Avoid Conflicts

Because I regularly edit the same notes on iPhone and PC desktop whilst running Joplin all the time on both devices, I'm running into conflicts sometimes.

I was wondering if switching to Joplin Cloud would help by making synchronisation quicker and therefore reducing conflicts?

I've logged a related issue on GitHub where some conflicts are detected on iPhone and then don't show up in the desktop app for me to resolve - this is a problem as I sometimes don't realise for a while I'm missing things in desktop until a few days later I remember to check the conflict folder on iPhone.

All helpful suggestions welcomed :slight_smile:

We have an article about this: What is a conflict? | Joplin

Using Joplin Cloud may help since synchronisation will be faster, but if you intend to modify the same notes on multiple device, you'll still want to make sure everything is synced properly every time.

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