How on Earth can i reset joplin

i am using Joplin 2.8.8 on Windows 10 64 bit home edition.
For several months i am sufffering from the following issues:
1:dev tool keep open on lunch
2:software freezes A LOT (to the point of making it borderline unusable)
3: plus some sync issues with my other devices.

I want to reset the software and hope its gonna those problems but for some Who knows what reasons uninstall/ and reinstall don't help. the software is just coming back with the same settings it had prior to removal.


and yes, i did tried to look older posts but so far i could not find anything that was semilar enough to my problem that i would deem it helpfulll.

Joplin stores all your note data, plugins and sync information in C:\users\<username>\.config\joplin-desktop.

If you shut down Joplin and rename or move or delete this folder, Joplin will be "reset" and contain only the default notes, just like a new install.

This is what I would do.

  1. Export your data as joplin file
  2. Install Joplin portable in a folder
  3. Paste the backup you created earlier in that folder
  4. Paste entire folder to other computer
  5. Run Joplin Portable on other computer
  6. Export the Backup you created in step 1
  7. Paste back entire Joplin portable back into your PC
  8. Run it and see if it works fine, but make sure the old one is not running at the same time

If the Joplin portable runs fin, uninstall and reinstall Joplin, and import the data back in

well, its seems to partially worked.
some of the sync issue are gone (at list on my desktop end)
but as soon as it started the syncing process. the app started to lag and sometime freeze.
its connected to dropbox. the encryption enabled.

also is there a way to reset my mobile version as well? i am using version 2.8.1 my OS is android 10

Last time I tried it on Android I went to the "App Info" page for the Joplin app (long press the app icon for the menu) and pressed "Clear cache" and "Clear storage".

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