I urgently need to clean reset/install Joplin on my macOS computer

Hi. I need to do a clean reset/install of Joplin on my macOS computer so that the application acts like it was first installed with no prior data/notes/settings.

How would I go about doing this?

Thank you.

Go to your home directory. Press shift, command, period. The hidden folders will appear. Go to .config and delete the folder joplin-desktop. Then reinstall Joplin and all should be fine.

To get rid of the hidden folders and files just go back to your home folder and press the key combination again.

If you need to keep old notes (or re import them), before you delete the folders, create a JEX export first.

I recently had a similar problem where the window wouldn’t appear, or would appear but was unresponsive. Is the only solution really to delete the whole config directory and start over from scratch, exporting then importing all your notes, and re-authorizing Dropbox? That seems pretty extreme. Aren’t there display settings that can be separately reset?


I’m running into the same issue, but after deleting joplin-desktop and reinstalling Joplin, it didn’t fix the issue

I’m having the same issue where on mac I launch the Joplin app and the toolbar appears but nothing else. It’s asking me to update the app and I click to do so but then that disappears and nothing. I’m about to uninstall the app and see if that works but has anyone had same problem and managed to fix?