Completely trashed my notes [SOLVED]

Due to some mess up somehow all of Joplin is now messed up. However, i found a very recent backup, i synchronised the notes again to this folder, to no avail.

How do i repair Joplin ?

This was on Linux, here's how it got fixed.

Think before you act as this may cause more trouble to your particular case. Trust me, i know :smiley:

  1. Copied the sync folder i had to backup.folder (cp -Rpa folder backup.folder
  2. Made a backup of ~/.config to ~/backup.config (take note this folder can be large and sensitive)
  3. Erased all Joplin data under ~/.config by (rm -Rf ~/.config/Joplin/* && rm -Rf ~/.config/joplin-desktop/*)
  4. Started Joplin
  5. Configured the sync folder to point to the original sync folder
  6. Clicked on synchronise