How do I add a new to-do list item on Android?

I can’t figure this out.

Joplin uses regular markdown, so a new todo item is created by typing the characters

- [ ]

*note: make sure there is a space between every character.

the top checkbox is rendered differently than the one my markdown creates… is there any way i can just make more of those? and can i make checkboxes that arent in a bulleted list? its very strange that i have one row of the non-bulleted list checkbox and i just cant make any more of them. thank you for your quick reply

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand your trouble. Maybe you could post pictures demonstrating what isn’t working?

Here is the checkboxes on my phone

And the markdown.

I’m having a similar problem in some way. In my case the only place where I am getting an actual checkbox is in the title.
Then, when I create the items for my checklist there does not seem to be an option to have checkboxes.
However, when I create a checklist on my PC, then all is sweet and it syncs across as a propper checklist.
How did you get to display the markdown on your phone?

Here’s trying a checklist via Windows on the left and via Android on the right.

You click on the red edit icon at the bottom.

As Caleb mentioned earlier:

- [ ]

note: make sure there is a space between every character.

@Oliwally Next time, I suggest you read at least the topic at hand. Asking something that was answered a few lines above your comment is a darned cheek.

Righto, thanks tessus. My apologies for not reading that properly, no cheek intended. Although, in my defence it doesn’t actually mention clicking on the red edit icon to see the markdown. And when the icon is clicked when the check boxes are not created by the Android app (i.e no markdown characters for check boxes), then the text looks identical. So there was no way to know that he markdown was now being displayed in edit mode.

Is it correct to assume then that the only way to create properly rendered check boxes is by manually typing the appropriate markdown characters? If so - that’s a shame. And why am I getting a rendered checkbox in the title but without having to type the markdown characters?

tessus, your response was quite hostile. I’m not sure about your understanding of “Be kind to your fellow community members” stated in the forum rules, but I certainly don’t feel like I’ve been treated kindly by you. I’m simply enjoying the app and just need a little clarification. I’m sad that this would be annoying and offensive to you and that taking 30seconds to respond in a kind way, even if you do need to repeat previously stated info, is just too much trouble.

It should be obvious, when the note is rendered by default on mobile (no dual pane). How else would you see markdown unless you switch to edit mode?

On mobile: yes. On desktop: no.

Caleb also wrote: Joplin uses regular markdown, so a new todo item is created by typing the characters

What is unclear about that sentence?

Because it's a todo. (you either created a to-do, or converted a note to a to-do.)

This was not hostile at all. I only said, you should read at least the topic you are posting to.
Stating that this behavior is cheek is not hostile, it's a fact.

How would you feel, if you had to repeat yourself over, and over, and over again, because people don't read or search previous posts? All answers I gave in here have been answered several times in other topics in this forum (and in this topic).

Wonderful, thanks very much tessus. That clears it up & explains it well.

Perhaps we'll just have to agree that our respective understandings of what defines non-hostile differs. Maybe there are cultural differences here that are leading to misunderstandings. I'm certainly not interested in a slinging match or a battle of wits on this issue.

But I do thank you very much for your help and, if you are contributing to this project, thank you for your hard work, effort and time that is benefiting many. It's people like you who make life a little bit easier for the rest of us who don't have expert IT knowledge. Peace and love to you :slightly_smiling_face:

I agree that my bluntness is often perceived as arrogance or hostility. I might have to work on not being blunt with people who don’t know me.
I try to adhere to The Four Agreements, but it’s a work in progress.

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And I have to work on reading things more carefully rather than relying on folks to hand me answers when I could find out for myself by spending a bit more time researching.

Thanks again tessus. I wish there were more self-reflective people like you and I. Then I reckon the world would be a much better place overall.

Keep being awesome!

'Til next time.