Feature request: Improve list and check box support on mobile

I often make todo lists on the Joplin mobile app with checkboxes. The problem is that it is very laborious because I have to type a series of characters (on different pages of the keyboard) before each entry. I wish a new checkbox or bullet point would be created when I hit enter after creating the first one. If there was such an option it would make creating lists a lot easier.

Other than that, I really like using Joplin.


Luckily this is already in the works!

Are you on iOS or Android? I'm asking because both have ways to improve this despite requiring using either third party keyboards or using built in shortcut features.

For example, on my iPhone, I have a shortcut called ck that turns into -[ ] everytime. Also, @CalebJohn, that girl working on that is amazing. Because of how active she is here, I've started following the blog linked in her profile, and she has some great content on top of what's here. :smiley:


For the time being while we wait for devon to finish that project she's working on, it's already been recommended by the devs here to use a keyboard with markdown features. I'm in the US and apparently it's not available in the android store here. I can't remember exactly which one it was.

But there's also this post that has some tips for it, too.

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I do the same thing on Android.

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How do you do this on Android? Is it part of the Joplin app, or in the system as a whole?