Creating checkbox lists on mobile

Android 9
Joplin 2.8.1

On the desktop app, hitting enter after a '- ' line will create another line with that markdown.

Can I activate that feature on mobile, or is it a planned feature ?

Right now it's a real pain creating checkbox lists on mobile, afaik.

@alex-c3 welcome to the forum.

This post 🡇 is about checkboxes on mobile and indicates that Joplin Android v.2.9.x has this feature.

There's a reason the updated version is not in the Play Store but the .apk is available from Joplin Android's GitHub page.

Oh that's great, thanks !
I'm guessing it's been discussed too but why not publish on F-Droid ?

Cheers !

It has been mentioned and some time back there was a discussion going on on the F-Droid GitLab page. I have no idea what most of the discussion was actually about :grinning: but in the end it seems that it never came to be.

However I am aware that some have added the IzzyOnDroid repo to F-Droid as that does have Joplin.