To-Do List

Okay, so I'm new to Joplin and love it so far. However, there is one area where I think it lacks. And yes before anyone tells me it is a very old issue and I should read about it. Please hear me out.

I'm okay with using Markdown language in Android App to create my to do lists, and have no issue with that.

I just have one suggestion, if that can be implemented it would be great.

So here is my suggestion.

When I create a new ToDo from Joplin App itself, example Shopping list.

Now I add the items like Mango, Spoon, dishes, etc in it using Markdown which is completely fine, i dont need that to be changed.

Here, when I have checked all the boxes (Mango, Spoon, dishes, etc) for the Items I added using markdown, if we can have a feature where the main todo called Shopping list can also be checked off automatically after all the Markdown items are checked in it, that would be great.

What it is rn

What im trying to say (if that can be implemented)