Add checkbox with one click on android

Hi There!
First thanks for that great app!

I tried to add some checkboxes to a note. It works on Linux-Desktopclient with a button.
On Android i have to write the markdown-code manually for every checkbox...
- [ ] item

Please can you improve the editor on android, to add checkboxes (and other elements) easily with a button

Now i cannot give my girlfriend joplin to write down some shopping-lists... :wink:

Thank you


In general, the Android UI needs much improvement when compared to the desktop UI.
I find that quite surprising since I was under the impression that both Android and desktop are built from the same sources.

Hi there - also from me a big thank you for you great work!

Are there any plans of implementing a more convenient way of adding checkboxes within the Android-App? Of course I can use the markdown-code or some workaround, that has been suggested in the forum… But something like an option to select checkboxes and continuously creating new ones by just tapping Enter would be super handy.

Thanks in advance for your replies!

I don’t know whats the progress but you can follow a first draft for a markdown toolbar here

I also can share my workaround:
I use the replacement function from my keyboard. When I type cb I get a suggestion to replace it with - [ ].
As I use the AOSP keyboard I think this function is very common

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Thanks for updateing me on the most recent developments - looks promising!
Until then I will try your workaround!