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a very useful feature of a notes app is the todo list. Unfortunately, in Joplin a todo note is not a list of todos, but it's a single todo. This result in a ensemble of uncategorized todos spread among normal notes, which is not really useful when one wants to have todo lists instead. It would be much better if a todo note be a note containing a list of checkboxes. For example "shopping list" would be a todo note containing a list of many checkbox elements like "milk", "bread", "sauce", etc. Right now, it seems that there is no way of doing such a todo list. If there's one, can you please tell me how can I do it? Thanks.

Joplin uses the markdown format which supports checkboxes.

- [ ] Eggs
- [x] Bacon

Using the to-do note alarm functionality is still just a per not thing. But for grocery lists etc. You'll want this.

And also in the WYSIWYG editor:

Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately, using the Markdown format for writing elements of todo lists is not really ideal - especially on a smartphone. When one writes a todo list on a smartphone, one does it "on the fly" without thinking to insert additional formatting symbols.
Already with a grocery list it is a bit of an overhead having to type "- []" for each element. It is more than a overhead when one writes down a brainstorming of ideas. The best thing is that one just has a button like "Add element" which automatically adds a checkbox element to a todo-list note. See for example ColorNote.

Regarding the WYSIWYG editor, I didn't find it in the Android app. Is WYSIWYG available in the Android app?

quick tip for Android: I'm using Gboard as my default keyboard, where I can bind a key combination for quickly adding "- [ ]" and "\t" (tab spacing for nested lists). look for the Personal Dictionary in the settings. I suppose that some of the other keyboards apps offer similar functionality.


This requires still some overhead than just clicking on a button "add item" on the fly.
Further, requiring the user to do this additional "installation step" adds useless complexity.
Your suggestion also didn't work out. I tried another link (Does Gboard have shortcuts for often used 'weird' words? - Pixel Phone Community) but it didn't work out either.

Please note that I didn't post any irritating post, but only constructive questions. And please note that I've never told you "over and over" to "change the editor".
I am a user - not an app developer - who is trying to understand if Joplin can be used for his needs. I know it may be irritating to read questions about missing features, but I thought this is the topic of a "features" section of a support forum.

In any case, I don't know any WYSIWYG editor for, so I cannot help you. Further, I don't care about a WYSIWYG editor, regarding this point I was only replying (once) to the useful suggestions of the user jb261. My question was about todo-lists on the smartphone app.

Best regards

I know that, you are just the 1000th person who asked exactly the same thing. I referenced the post for an explanation. The rest was meant for the people in the other topic.

See, I post an explanation why no such editor exists and you take away the only part that is irrelevant.

We also had a toolbar for exactly that on mobile. However, the toolbar was dependent on the editor. On mobile react-native only has texts input fields to work with. But this has also been explained ad infinitum on this forum. A simple search for todo and mobile would have revealed all that info.

Either way, I agree, I probably should not have replied at all. My mistake.

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