How can I import Simplenote tags?

I have 2000+ notes on Simplenote. I know I can export them to individual text files and then import them to Joplin by changing the .txt extension to .md.

However, I don’t know how to import my tags to Joplin’s own tagging system.

For example:

The inside of a typical text file exported from Simplenote is like this:

Here is some text...

  computer, personal

How can I import those tags (that are part of the note itself) to Joplin’s tagging system?


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There is no gui solution as of now. Manual tagging seems to be your only option.

Maybe someone has some kind of command line trick that can help you.

usually, notes are imported with tags.
otherwise make a try with one of yours with

joplin help import
import <path> [notebook]

    Importer des données dans Joplin.

    --format <format>  Format de la source : auto, jex, md, raw, enex
    -f, --force        Ne pas demander de confirmation.

Where do I input these commands?

In a Linux terminal or window cmd.exe

Check that page in case