How to get Joplin to apply Tags from a Bear Notes import?

I have hundreds of notes in the Bear Notes macOS app in markdown format which I want to transfer to Joplin. I can export the notes into a folder which can be imported into Joplin, but the tags are not applied.

Tags in Bear are just #hashtags at the bottom (or top) of the .md document. For example the note:

# Installing RancherOS
... some text
#server/RancherOS #linux

will be displayed in a folder-like tag-tree:


What would be the recommended way to get these tags applied within Joplin?

How did you finally handle this @chriswayg?

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Bump! Inquiring minds want to know. I started using Joplin today and like it much more than Bear app. It would be great to be able to import my thousands of notes into Joplin.

With a bit of scripting it shouldn't be too difficult to extract the tags from the note content and create them using the API.

Is the api documented on the Web site? I don't have time to learn it in the near future, but perhaps sometime next month it will come to the top of my project task queue.

It's documented there: I guess in your case you only need the Joplin Data API.

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