A way to import tags from Obsidian to Joplin?

Hi there,

I was wondering if is there a way to import tags from notes in Obsidian into Joplin.

I mean, I was using Obsidian for some months, and the way we handle tags there is very "simple", i.e., just a lot of words preceded by an "#".

Ex: #test #joplin #obsidian

I see the way Joplin handles this is different, and here we have properly fields for tags. So, someone know some way to import those tags to its respective notes once inside Joplin?

Thanks in advance.

It looks like there is no built-in way to import these tags. You could achieve that by a custom script, though. The brief steps could be:

  1. Parse the tags from the Obsidian notes -> Not sure how this would work, since I don't know much about Obsidian
  2. Create or search the relevant notes in Joplin -> via data API
  3. Add the tags to the notes -> via data API

Example of the steps 2 and 3 ("Add a tag to a note"): GitHub - marph91/joppy: Python interface for the Joplin data API

I tried to import obsidian into joplin script before, but unfortunately, I did not handle the obsidian tag correctly, ref:

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