Import tags from markdown files

Is it possible to import tags from a .md file? As a test I tried a markdown export from Joplin and it doesn’t appear to write any tags to the output, and re-importing that file indeed has no tags attached.

There’s no concept of tags in Markdown so indeed it neither export nor import them. If you want to export your complete data you can use the JEX or RAW format.

Right I was more thinking of how Joplin supports checkboxes though some custom markdown processing and supports “titles” by reading the first line of a markdown file etc.

Basically I’m trying to export from DS Note and import to Joplin, since there doesn’t appear to be a direct importer I need to go through this dsnote-to-markdown script first. So I can get the tags into the markdown file, I’m just not sure how to get them into Joplin.

Honestly it isn’t a huge issue, I use search 100x more than I use tags…just curious if there was a method/workaround. Thanks!

I am exactly in the same position. I exported my DS notes to markdown. Now I have tons of md files comprising not only the actual note text but also meta information such as note title, tags, and the full names of linked attachments. The attachments (mostly PDFs) have been stored in another folder.

Now, how am I supposed to import my notes into Joplin including tags and linked attachments?

There are many different note formats and Joplin cannot possibly support all of them. If you app can export to Enex, Joplin can import that. Otherwise you’ll need to write a custom script to do the conversion yourself.