Export/Import Settings

Hi @laurent,

due to the more and more plugins and also settings in the plugins, maybe a function or menue to export / import the settings as JSON would be great.

  • Export all public Plugin Settings
  • Export public settings from one Plugin
  • Export all Joplin settings

Passwords, tokens, ... should not be exported or only as empty string.

What do you think?



Yes that makes sense. Ideally we should make this change that's been discussed before of putting all user settings in an external JSON file, so that it can be backed up and restored more easily. I'll probably look at this rather than have a function to import/export from the database.


Yes, that is indeed a very important feature. I would need it right now, but well, nothing I can do about that.

I'd love to be able to export the list of plugins that I use so that I can import on another system. Right now I use Joplin on 2x Mac, 1x Linux and 1x Windows machines (!!) and there's no easy way to get the same plugins on all of them. Also, since I cannot open the preferences and also have a note open to edit (that I know about?), I cannot make a list in a note while looking at the prefs - unless I do that in another editor!

Install plugins on one machine and then copy ~/.config/joplin-desktop/plugins (or the equivalent path on Mac/Windows) to other machines. This will sync plugins but not plugin settings.

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Ah, that's helpful - thank you!

For what its worth one of the ideas for GSoC is to implement a settings sync which should include plugins and plugin settings.