Diario & Awesome Notes & WebDAVNav


I want to migrate my notes ( Diario : diaroapp.com and Awesome Note : bridworks.com ) to Joplin. I’m expert in C but I can also develop with Python, Perl, … Are there people who have tried ?
Second point I want to uses the free WebDAVNav Server on Mac : itunes fr app webdavnav-server id747482894?mt=12 . Has a person done the test ?



if API of that software exist, then you are safe :wink:

Thanks. No API but XML format … http://www.cyber-neurones.org/2019/02/diario-app-backup-format/ . So I think it’s not a big job …

Yes I guess you parse the XML then import into Joplin using the clipper API or CLI tool.

For WebDAVNav I don’t know but if it’s standard WebDAV it’s likely to work. If not feel free to report any error here.

Yes, it’s work : http://www.cyber-neurones.org/2019/02/joplin-mon-architecture-cible-mac-android/ . Thanks.

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Nice, glad to hear it works with WebDAV Nav, I’ll add it to the list of supported servers.

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I have a issue with API, here my first program in Perl : Diaro App : DiaroBackup.xml : How to parse in python ? (Draft n°1) | CyberNeurones ! . But it's impossible to create a folder with my id ...

For exemple if I do :

curl --data '{ "id": "12345678901234567801234567890123", "title": "Diaro Import"}' .....folders?token=.....

The return is

{"title":"Diaro Import","id":"73d15fe0b55e40dabea353b0f9d45547","updated_time":1549406274867,"created_time":1549406274867,"user_updated_time":1549406274867,"user_created_time":1549406274867,"type_":2} .

So it's not my id : 12345678901234567801234567890123 . Why ?

Thanks for your help.


I'm trying not to put too many URLs otherwise my account is blocked. :cry:

it's a python script not perl one.
and if it's not easy to contact the forum, it's because you post again and again the same thing which is detected as spam by discourse.

In your code, why do you want to provide an ID when you create a folder ? You don't need that for anything.
The ID is returned once the creation is made.
so for the folder creation just do something like

curl -X POST --data '{"title": "foobar"}'

If you feel more comfortable with Perl, use it instead :wink:

Only notes support custom IDs at the moment. Any reason you need this for folders?

I've unblocked several of your messages yesterday so the system should learn soon that you're not in fact a spam bot :wink:

Yes it's python :pensive: ... for me it's better to have the same ID than Diaro. It's to run several time the program ( in case of issue ) and not have double notes ...

Yes, it's because it's more simple for me :slight_smile: . So now I must to read the return of curl to create hash table ...

For consistency, I guess all methods should support custom IDs so I’ll add this in a future release.


I will find a solution, I think you have more urgent to do. Thank you for your help.

This is fine, I’m mostly cleaning up the API by removing a hack that was only for notes and converting it to something more consistent. Over time it makes maintenance easier and it’s a useful feature, which a few users asked about.

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Now it's OK to import Notes, Takes, .... but not for ressources. I have error 404 ... But i'm happy :slight_smile:

What HTTP query did you run to get 404?

I want to link ressources and notes :slight_smile:

    2019-02-08 21:45:27: "Request: PUT /ressources/71dd2cba2af54c4ebb53fb7fd8d0543b/notes/cbbc6076b2ac321ccae1f036a2fe6659?token=..."
2019-02-08 21:45:27: "Error: Not Found
Error: Not Found
    at Api.route (/Applications/Joplin.app/Contents/Resources/app/lib/services/rest/Api.js:103:41)
    at execRequest (/Applications/Joplin.app/Contents/Resources/app/lib/ClipperServer.js:147:39)
    at IncomingMessage.request.on (/Applications/Joplin.app/Contents/Resources/app/lib/ClipperServer.js:185:8)
    at emitNone (events.js:105:13)
    at IncomingMessage.emit (events.js:207:7)
    at endReadableNT (_stream_readable.js:1045:12)
    at _combinedTickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:138:11)
    at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:180:9)"


My Last source : http://www.cyber-neurones.org/2019/02/diaro-app-diarobackup-xml-how-to-parse-in-python-draft-n2/ .

Well this call is not in the doc, so that's why it doesn't work :wink: For info, the doc is quite complete and pretty much generated automatically so anything not in there won't work.

To attach a resource to a note, first create the resource with POST /resources, then get the ID from there and simply add the resource to the body of the note with the syntax [](:/12345678123456781234567812345678).

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