History of deleted notes

Would anyone know if the complete history of a note gets deleted as soon as a note is deleted ? In other words, is the history of a note still present in the profile folder ever note deletion ?

Note history applies to deleted notes, as of yet, there is no user access.

And how about getting rid of all history. Is there a way for the untrained user to do this ? I tried to disable history, quit and restart Jop, and opened a note with known history. Former notes still all available, so that doesn't work. Would it delete all earlier notes 24 hours after I limited the notes history to one day in settings ?

I think exporting all notes to JEX, deleting your profile and importing back should do it.

The only think which works is this

  • set "keep history" to 1 (not 0)
  • wait one day
  • set "keep history" to any value you like (or turn history off)
    It's not quite obvious, but it works.
    PS: unfortunately I do not see a simple way to check whether this removes history from all
    devices after successful sync.

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