Is it possible to automatically delete done notes?

Joplin 2.6, ubuntu 20

Is it possible to automatically delete done notes?

I thought the setting of saving notes history in days is for deleting that notes, but they aren't deleted after the number of days in this setting.

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Note history is for storing the revisions of a note, Joplin does not ever automatically delete the 'root' note even if it is a todo type, so far as I'm aware.

I would be very happy to see that as a new optinional setting, because it would really help my workflow with ToDos. Does any of the developers will read this proposal here or how do I need to post this somewhere else? (sorry, I am totally new here...)

There isn't really a formal review for feature requests as such but if you create a topic in the features category with as many details as possible - what the feature is, benefits of the feature, other products with similar functionality, visual mockups (where applicable) etc. - then if it resonates and gains traction with the community it might be considered for future development (including by community members if there is enough justification for it).
Additionally it might be picked up by the community for development as a plugin if it is possible via the plugin api.


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