Deleted notes are removed from the application, but they are still synchronized

Deleted notes are deleted from the application and are not visible in applications, which is correct and logical, but they are still synchronized, lie in the cloud and do not move away from there, but accumulate there, how is it? And yes, it happens to any cloud. And when a new device is connected, it downloads all deleted notes from the cloud, but they are not visible in the application, only in the cloud, why is that? Why aren't they removed from the cloud? Why do applications download deleted notes from the cloud?

They remain because of the note history settings, even deleted notes have revisions and more importantly can be recovered.

@Daeraxa Thank you. Oh, ok how to turn off this misunderstanding?

It is in your config screen (both mobile and desktop) under note history

Unfortunately, it didn't work, it still uploads remote data to the cloud and from the cloud

I deleted 1800 notes and now he is trying to upload them to the cloud, and then, all 1800 deleted notes will download every new connected device. How to stop this vicious circle and permanently delete these 1800 notes so that no one else will load them?

All connected devices need to have the history turned off, the deletion doesn't happen instantly so you might need to wait a bit before they are removed.

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Also I think you can't turn if off completely. Even if you disable note history Joplin would still keep it for 1 day.

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