Help with sync target change please

Hello all.

Have been using Joplin for a while, regularly.
Windows & Android. Current sync target: Dropbox. E2EE enabled.

Want to change the target to local and sync with Syncthing.

I have forgotten my E2EE password. Going forward, I'd like to not use it.
My 1st question is, if I'm syncing locally and have no sensitive data per se, is there any upside to enabling E2EE?

2nd, I am using an installed version of J on Windows. As a clean up I downloaded the portable version and copied a lot of my notes there. I think I prefer the version of my notes in the portable version more.
I've read the previous posts in the forum, it says to migrate from portable to executable version, move the profile folder. What does that mean?
Copy the J profile folder from D:/Joplin to C:/users/config/Joplin?
Will my notes which have their unique file name be recognised?

3rd or is it 4th now? :thinking:
Anywho, for Syncthing, just sync the notes folder and point J Android to that folder? The files will be read?

PS: just saw Joplin mentioned on lifehacker, cool.

Solved. Simply copying the profile folder worked. And syncthing was easy enough as well.

If someone could just answer the E2EE part, that’d be swell.

Brilliant, that should bring us some traffic.

I wouldn't bother with E2EE if you're syncing locally. There's an overhead to it, and in your case it wouldn't be worth it.

Thank you for the reply. :+1:t4:

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