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Setting up sync on work network

This is likely a foolish question but here goes:
I want to have a copy of Joplin on my work computer AND my home computer AND my phone.
The work network has all the ports locked down so I cannot use Dropbox (hey I’m a NOOB) to sync the portable instance of Joplin. So what files do I need to sync with the portable instance AND is there any recommendation as to how to do it in Windows?

Hello, and welcome to the forum!

Ah, this seems tough. Maybe you could set up Syncthing to sync to phone, your PC, and a location near your portable install? (Even though that would obviously only update once you have access to the 'net.)

Alternatively, and I’d definitely go for this option if it were possible: can you use the portable version (on a - preferably encrypted - USBstick) both at work and at home?

If yes, problem solved: set it up to sync with Dropbox or something, do your sync at home PC.
The downside is, any notes you create at work will only sync (and get to your phone) once you get home and open Joplin there.
The upside is this is really easy to set up and use.