Having trouble resetting password on Docker Joplin

Joplin version is 2.7.4-beta, running on Synology Docker. It's reverse-proxy'd, so I can access it from outside of my home network.

I've been having issues with my install:

  • I've been trying to sync Docker with a new app (Android)
  • The app is configured the same as the two other apps that are currently working (Mint Linux, Windows 10). I have the synchonization target to Joplin Server (Beta), and my URL, email, and password the same.
  • Android is giving me a 403 (invalid username or password) when I thought I was inputting the correct password. As it stands, I've tested my Windows desktop (removing the password to "break" my sync config, then re-entering what I thought was the correct password), but it seems the password in my vault is incorrect.

I'm not sure how I would reset/retrieve my password. I found this post explaining how to go into my database.sqlite file; I couldn't find encryption.passwordCache in a text editor, or a browser for the database file. Reading a second time, this is because this is the encryption password, whoops.

I also followed the directions here about enabling email for my Docker instance (in order to get an email to input a new password, but I'm getting an error EmailService: Could not run maintenance: Error: Could not initialize transporter. Service will be disabled: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND smtp-relay.gmail.com which I imagine is related to trying to use my G Suite account to relay the email.

I'm not exactly sure what I should be doing, or how I could set up email properly to reset my password. I currently have one Desktop App (Linux) with the proper setup and password (it's still working); I'm not sure if I could recover my password from that, somehow. My other option seems to be just resetting the whole thing, and importing a previous backup of my Joplin notes.

Sorry, fixed this myself.

I messed up putting in an env variable in Docker. MAILER_HOST had some leading spaces when I was copying from a tutorial. I also think that enabling "Less Secure App Access" might've let me use Gmail's SMTP.

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