Blocked eMail & Login Corrupt Install Question

HI Guys i added Joplin via Docker Compose in Portainer and all was fine.
No errors in logs so i setup Joplin and entered default email and password.
I setup new user and new password with email.
Which it accepted it said check email to activate but it never came.
I have tried sending it 3 more times but nothing!
I checked SPAM and All Mail but still nothing.
The email in Joplin was correct but when i try to log in i saw it paick up an old version i tried 12 months ago,
SO i set up new profile added all the same details but still email and now cannot login in anymore.
The password i have recoreded in Bitwarden so i know they are correct.
I have tried forgot password but will not send to the email i have in there.

How can i completely remove Joplin and any old databases from my Proxmox / Portainer setup so i can start from scratch?

OK i have re done it and removed the old folder i have it working. But still no email being sent to confirm?

You do not actually need to confirm the account for the account to work, however, have you actually set up email in the Joplin environment variables? Email is off by default as it needs your SMTP server details.


The above is just an example. Search the forum for things such as MAILER_SECURITY= so you can see what your options are. I know it has been discussed before.


MAILER_SECURITY= SMTP server security method - none or tls or starttls (Server 2.7.4 and above)

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