Android Joplin server sync error

Using Joplin Server Sync.
Windows Clients work fine, Android stopped syncing a few days ago.
Apps are Up2date
Please help!


11-28T00:24:59,30,"""DecryptionWorker: cannot start because no master key is currently loaded.""
11-28T00:24:58,30,"""Updating all notifications...""
11-28T00:24:58,30,"""Garbage collecting alarms...""
11-28T00:24:58,20,"Synchronizer: ""Error: Error 412 Precondition Failed: <!doctype html>

Joplin Server - Error ....

You need to upgrade Joplin Server

Thanks for that fast reply.
Im not very firm wirh Linux and docker.
If I start New docker yml with "latest" i always get the 2.4.. do I have to use beta?
Kind regards

You don’t need to start a new container as it starts the existing image which in your case is version 2.4. Simply update Joplin Server to the latest stable, 2.6.10, at the moment. You can do that with this command (while you are in Joplin’s directory on your server):

docker-compose pull && docker-compose up -d

I also recommend to set up a cron job to do this for you automatically and regularly.

Thanks a Lot. That helped, syncing is functional!
Kind regards, Basti

You're most welcome, I'm glad it worked out. :slight_smile:

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