GSoC 2022: First pull request requirements have been updated (23 March update)

The requirements for the first pull request have been updated. Before we would accept a plugin as a first contribution, however we are concerned we won't be able to evaluate your skills with just a plugin. So now we ask that you please create a pull request that either fix a bug or implement a small feature.

If you have already implemented a plugin and mentioned it in a forum post, we will still take into account. Any plugin after today will not be considered.

Full updated text is below:

How to create your first pull request

Before you can be accepted as a contributor we expect you to write some code and link that work on your proposal. As a first pull request, we suggest one of the following:

  • Fix a high priority or medium priority bug. This is something we highly value and is a good way to get a deep understanding of certain parts of the codebase.
  • Alternatively you may browse the GitHub Issues to find something that can be worked on. Note that this is a difficult way to get a pull request in, so make sure the issue you choose has a very clear technical spec. If we need to discuss how it should work or what it should do in the pull request, it means there was no consensus for this feature, and we are likely to close the pull request.
  • Please do not submit a pull request just to fix some typo .

Before submitting a pull request, please make sure you read the pull request guidelines for GSoC 2022.


To all contributors, please note that the pull request guidelines have been updated.

In particular we clarified what can make a good first pull request for GSoC. If you have any question, please let us know.

The changes are below:

  1. In general please only work on issues that have been triaged - those are issues with labels such as "high", "medium" or "enhancement". It means an admin looked at it and added it to the backlog.

    1. Bug fixes are always welcome. Start by reviewing the list of bugs with high priority or medium priority.

    2. Alternatively you may look at the Good first issues.

    3. And finally check the backlog of possible feature requests. Some of those are complex and not a good fit for a first pull request, but others are more simple so you might want to consider these.


Another update to the pull request guidelines. We now accept plugins, but keeping in mind it should be something non trivial to allow us to assess your skills:

Finally you may implement a plugin in your own repository. Note that we will look at your code, so make sure your choose something not too trivial, so that you can really showcase your skills. Please announce your plugin on the forum, in the #plugins category.


Hey, I have few questions:
Does plugins have to be implemented after March 7 to get accepted? Do you accept more than one plugin?

It doesn't have to be after March 7. For example if someone's been active in the project for some time and has made a few plugins we would consider them

And it can be multiple plugins.

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