Creating your first GSoC pull request

Some more details have been added to let you know what we expect for your first pull request. Please read it carefully:

Before you can be accepted as a student we expect you to write some code and link that work on your proposal. As a first pull request, we suggest one of the following:

  • Fix a high priority or medium priority bug. This is something we highly value and is a good way to get a deep understanding of certain parts of the codebase.

  • Implement a small plugin or external application, to get yourself familiar with the Joplin API.

  • Alternatively you may browse the GitHub Issues to find something that can be worked on. Note that this is a difficult way to get a pull request in, so make sure the issue you choose has a very clear technical spec. If we need to discuss how it should work or what it should do in the pull request, it means there was no consensus for this feature, and we are likely to close the pull request.

  • Please do not submit a pull request just to fix some typo.

Before submitting a pull request, please make sure you read the pull request guidelines for GSoC 2021.

More info on the GSoC Introduction document