Introducing HOLLYwyh

Hello everyone,I'm WuYinghao,a senond year Software Engineering student from Tongji University,China.I'm always having trouble finding a suitable notebook during my study until I found Joplin. It is fantastic during my study. When I found it was open source, I made up my mind to do someting to Joplin community. I am familier with Javascript、HTML、CSS. Now I'm interested in 2.Template plugin 、 3.BibTex plugin and 5.Paste special projects in list of project ideas.

I'm very happy to join the community and work hord with other teammates,let's make Joplin become better and better!

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@CalebJohn Hello,I just saw some information in the GSoC2021's part How to create your first pull request : student can implement a small plugin or external application, to get himself familiar with the Joplin API. Could you please tell me wheteher I can implement another plugin such as a google chrome plugin or pull a request to another plugin such as a plugin designed for my Compus Network made by my upperclassman? Do I have to implement a plugin only about Joplin? Thank you very much!!!

Hello, it should be a Joplin plugin as described there: Extending Joplin | Joplin

We've also labelled a few more bugs which you can look at to get yourself familiar with the code base.

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Thank you very much !!!! I'll get familiar as quickly as possible.