Confusion regarding next steps for students

I created this topic because I had a doubt regarding the next steps for students for Google Summer of Code 2021. Actually, I have got one PR merged in Joplin API: Fixes #4655: Don't compress image when resource is added through api by nishantwrp · Pull Request #4660 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub.

Now, as Pull request guidelines | Joplin here it's mentioned that students are only allowed to fix one issue before GSoC. So, should I now start working on a project idea and create a proposal for that? Or should I fix more bugs?

From that page

" Each contributor may only create one pull request at a time"

Now that you have your PR merged, you are welcome to work on another. The reason for the limit is that last year we had a problem where some applicants would open multiple unfinished PRs and it was too difficult to review them all.

You're free to do either, but my recommendation would be to fix more bugs because there is still a lot of time before proposals are due.