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Hi and Morning.. I am new to Joplin... Is there an easy way to change font colour..I love the program and using it for taking and organising my studying... It would be a real help to be able to highlight bit of text. Anyone help me please?
Thanks in advance

We have a plugin…I’m not using it, but it might be a help:

I've installed the plug in and then restarted the program, I even restarted the laptop to do a full reboot but when I try to apply a red colour to a word, to change the font colour its not doing anything. :frowning: Anyone using this that can suggest what I may have done wrong? It seems as though it should be easy as there are not so many options but its not working

@Blokeinlondon welcome to the forum.

In the support template you did not fill in the field where it asks what editor you are using in Joplin. This is probably important.

If you are using the Rich Text editor I believe that this plugin does not work. The plugin's page (linked above) states,

:bangbang: Q: Why doesn't my text save its color?

:bangbang: A: You're probably using the Rich Text Editor and this is a limitation of it. Markdown format and HTML formatting cannot be converted from Rich Text to Markdown. Consider using the Markdown Editor. (More about the limitations of Rich Text here)

Joplin lets you edit your notes in two ways: a switchable layout Markdown editor / viewer or an all-in-one Rich-Text editor.

Below is an image showing Joplin set to Markdown editor as well as the buttons to switch between the two editors. It also shows a result of using the plugin which has been used to colour a word red.


The blue highlighted "Layout Button" (or CTRL+L) lets you switch between different views when in the Markdown editor. Also, the menu item View > Layout button sequence lets you set what happens when you press the layout button.

My text colorize is REAL easy.... It's found in Tools > text color after install


You can use it for the text or the background, or restore

Built-in support for changing text colors in the rich text editor may also be coming soon (in a few months).

See the relevant issue and pull request.

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