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A feature I have found helpful is to be able to use different highlighter colors in my notes.

One use case I had for it was using the highlighter to quickly tag certain tasks with a color representing priority or importance.

I might have 3 items each with a different priority so I would highlight one RED, for top priority, YELLOW for next highest priority and BLUE for least priority.


Assuming that you're using the Markdown editor, check out this plugin. It adds a lot of features to the editor, but you can tick each of them on or off in the settings.

What you're looking for, is this option:

Another, more specific plugin is Text Colorize, which I haven't personally tried yet.


I appreciate the tip. I'm afraid I'm not a programmer so I'm a bit lost on how to install a plugin. I got as far as downloading a zip file and then trying to install it in Joplin but there's no .jpl file.

I'll have to engage with the developer to figure it out later.

Thanks again!

It's easier than you might think. All plugins are just a few clicks away from within the Joplin app.

  1. Go to Joplin settings.
  2. Look for the "Plugins" tab / page / window in the settings.
  3. Search for the plugin that you want.
  4. Click on "Install".
  5. Restart Joplin for the plugin to become active.

Here's how it should look:


Ok - thanks for the clarification. I've found and installed enhancement 1.2.1. I verified the setting "Show a formatting bar..." is enabled.

Unfortunately there's no formatting bar when I select text and I still have the old yellow highlight color. I've also sprouted some new items in the bar which I have to hover over to determine what they do.

When I select a text, this pops up: (I highlighted everything but the last word, which is the one selected.)

It looks like you're using the Markdown Editor (which is good), and I have the same version of the plugin, and the latest version of Joplin (although I'm not sure it's necessary). I'm using macOS (this could be an OS issue).

I suggest:

  1. Making sure that you restarted Joplin.
  2. Making sure that "Show a formatting bar when text is selected in markdown editor" is selected in the plugin settings (In Joplin's settings there should be a new page titled "Joplin Enhancement" with a long list of checkboxes).
  3. Resorting to the second plugin (Text Colorize), perhaps it will work better.

Confirmed another restart of Joplin along with the setting for "show a formatting bar.." located in "Joplin Enhancement". Still don't get what you've shown there.

I'm using Joplin 2.11.11 on Windows

I also have a Mac laptop and I tried the same plugin there. Same thing - no bar popup.

Text Colorize dialog box does come up and I can choose a color but it is not applied when I click "Apply".

I guess I'm just jinxed.

It looks like you're using the rich text editor (which isn't supported by many plugins). You may have to switch to the markdown editor for the plugin to work.

(Edit: All plugin icons looking like gears is a bug in Joplin's rich text editor.)

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Like @personalizedrefriger said the Enhancement plugin indeed does not work in the Rich Text Editor. Somehow I missed that in your screenshot (I thought it was the Markdown Editor).

What I showed in the screenshot was the floating toolbar that appears next to the selected word ("day"). It has various buttons for highlighting the text using predefined colors.

Regarding Text Colorize, before opening the dialog I selected a text, and then when I click "Apply" I see something like this surrounding the text: (the word "day" in this case)

<span style="color: #7ff67f">day</span>

This should cause the word to display in green in the Markdown Viewer panel. Similarly, when I click "Apply as BG" it highlights the background of the word in the Viewer.

Ok - the toggle for the markdown editor is confusing. I click it and it has the M^ highlighted so I figure I'm in Markdown, but somehow the "toggle editor layout" was overriding that and I wasn't.

That should be a way easier toggle. There shouldn't be two settings which contradict one another.

Ok NOW the bar works, colors are applied, etc.

Sure would be easier if there were just simply more colors to choose from without the plugin gyrations, but I have what I want now.

Thanks again for all the help @personalizedrefriger and @shikuz


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