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Hello everyone,

I am new to Joplin. I am trying to change the font color. I have read through some of the solutions and it seems like it is possible. However, it is unclear where I can do it. Is it through appearance and clicking on the proper CSS file, or placing styles at the end each note?

If clicking on the css file under appearances, I tried updating the h1 & h2 tags and I don't see changes. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Welcome! I would have a look through the following two threads to get an idea of the kinds of things you can tweak or steal a couple of snippets to add to your own CSS. The below threads probably have the best information on the subject.

userstyle.css is the file you want to change to have an effect on your rendered markdown (i.e. the markdown viewer) and userchrome.css is the file that you want to change to edit the markdown editor and more or less all of the rest of the application.

In which part of the application was the font colour were you actually attempting to change (i.e. the markdown editor, markdown viewer or richtext editor)?

Thank you for the information! Truly appreciate it. I was trying to change the color in the rich text editor.

I was afraid you might say that, I don't know if the rich text editor is currently as configurable (I don't use it so to be honest I've not really tried).
If you are happy to write in markdown it might be worth having a look at @CalebJohn's Rich Markdown plugin instead (just go to Customisation > Plugins and type 'rich markdown' in the search to find it).

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Here you have explained how to do it.

You can add your request to suggestion for plugins thread.

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