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Flashcards plugin idea

Lately I've been thinking of creating a new plugin that would allow a user to create and display flashcards on a seperate sidepanel.

The idea came to mind from my original plugin "Spoiler cards":

I see there has been some interest in this some time ago:

But now with the addition of plugin development such thing can now be done in Joplin as well (probably).

Instead of implementing flash cards in my original plugin, I am thinking of making a completely seperate plugin that would implement this. The formatting would stay the same, only the functionality would change.

If such an idea would happen, I am willing to collaborate with anyone that wants to help creating this plugin.

But before that, I am opening a discussion about the idea:

Now, I am curious if anyone else has thought of making this?
Does anyone have any suggestions about the plugin? How would you imagine such a plugin?

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I like flashcards as study aids, so I'll contribute an idea even though I can't help with the coding at all.

I think if two lists (one for each side of the flashcard) can automatically generate something like the spoiler cards, that'd be helpful.

Method 1: I write 20 words in language A, either on separate lines or separated by commas. I also write 20 words in language B, again on separate lines or separated by commas. And these are turned into flash cards/spoiler cards that reveal the back side when the front side word is clicked. Maybe it'd be best if the flash cards are made into a new, separate note?

Method 2: I write a word in language A and a word in language B separated by a comma or some other punctuation. Then on the next line, I do that again with another word, and so on. Again, these lines are then turned into flash cards/spoiler cards.

Based on either of the methods, but a more useful sophisticated methods would be to allow either side to have multiple lines, so that, for example, I can write a word on the top line and a sample sentence using the word below it.

There should be some options for the size of the fonts, as well as for how the text is positioned.

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That would be a quick way to create a card, but you have to note that there needs to be some unique formatting so it will not conflict with other normal text outside.
I am keen of an idea of clicking and revealing cards for sure.

Again this would a quick task to create cards, but on the other hand, what if the user wants to create markdown formatting inside the card too? Maybe even write some other component inside (like a table), not just one word.
So I guess it could be inline or multiple lines type of formatting, depending on the content.

As for the styling, everything can be written in css or maybe have some dynamic setting allowing you to change styles.

All your points are valid. I don't know enough about coding or markdown to answer your questions. As an end-user, I was just thinking of a way of quickly entering the data that'd work for me. To me, speed and ease of creation would be of utmost importance--so if there could be a way to copy/paste a list of words from Excel, for example, that'd be great, too.