Advanced Slides Plugin

Joplin Noob and first post. Obligatory apologies if this is not the right place/forum to ask this.

I just saw someone do a presentation directly from Obsidian with their "Advanced Slides" plugin. I don't want to have Obsidian-envy, but it looked awesome.

Has anyone attempted to port this over to Joplin? I am thinking of taking it on, but I wanted to see if anyone else is either doing it currently, or has tried it in the past, and if so, what lessons they may have learned.


Looks like a very cool plugin and I'm getting a bit of Obsidian envy too ngl :joy::sweat_smile:

Might be worth checking HackMD's slide deck implementation of reveal.js too to see if they have any cool ideas you want to use!

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Thanks, Imperial_Squid. I am also looking at marp which is an external tool, but does the same thing.

If you're not working on this already, I would like to try implementing it!


I've made a plugin similar-ish to the above Obsidian plugin (similar in that it uses reveal.js). Currently, it's very basic (it doesn't change anything related to the note preview and uses whichever of Joplin's built-in themes is currently selected).


Nice work @personalizedrefriger! Obviously there's a lot of missing features still to add but it's cool to have even a basic setup for built in presentations :ok_hand::ok_hand:

It might be a good idea to start making a bunch of issues for each missing feature (fragments, vertical slides, etc) so people can pitch in and start adding stuff if they want to?

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That sounds like a good idea (link to GitHub issues)! Note, however that fragments and vertical slides are supported. Example presentation:

  <p class="fragment grow">Test 1</p>
  <p class="fragment grow">Test 2</p>
  <p class="fragment fade-out">Test 3</p>


<section data-auto-animate>

# This is a test of vertical slides

<section  data-auto-animate data-background-color="#ff0000">

# This is a test of vertical slides

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Ah awesome! I totally missed that :sweat_smile:

Admittedly I did have some issues getting started since reveal.js specifies everything within the context of a HTML body. Adding some examples to the README would be a good idea!

As a note though, I don't know how I feel about using HTML tags since it could be a bit unfriendly to Joplin's less techy users... Maybe we could find a way to replicate all of this functionality with just markdown? Might be worth investiagting how other implementations do things if you're in favour?

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If there is too much content, it will exceed the content and cannot be concentrated on the same page, such as pictures or tables.

I'm currently trying

.slides > section {
	overflow: auto;
	max-height: 100%;

in Joplin's "Custom style sheet for rendered markdown" (Settings > Appearance > Advanced).

It seems to work, but I'll want to do more testing before adding it to the plugin. Edit: There were some issues with fragments. Similar, but not exactly the same, CSS is now part of the plugin.

See the upstream discussion in the reveal.js repository.


this is work, thank's