Fix for "Some items cannot be decrypted" error

Today I face with this error on Joplin-2.9.17 for Linux (AppImage). Latest version from GooglePlay works fine.

Steps to fix this issue:

  1. Disable encryption on both devices
  2. Clear local storage on affected side
  3. Send unencrypted data from non-affected side to remote
  4. Receive unencrypted data from remote on affected side
  5. Enable encryption on affected side (I change master password to new one), send encrypted data to remote.
  6. Clear local storage on non-affected side
  7. Receive encrypted data on non-affected side, enter new password
  8. Success!

@AVAtarMod welcome to the forum.

It looks like this will work until you create another note using the mobile client which is more up-to-date than your desktop client. When that note syncs to your desktop client it will not be able to read it.

Newer clients (Desktop version 2.11.11 and later) use AES256 to encrypt notes. The Play Store will automatically update your mobile client but you appear not to have done the same for your desktop client.

This post, which is currently pinned to the top of the forum, explains.