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[find] Request "find & replace" features

It would be more convenient not to use an external editor


definitely, I have been cutting my entire note out and pasting in notepad ++ to perform replace searches. sometimes this ends up with interesting results, depending on what accidental keystrokes occur during the cut/paste operations…

You can just use the Open with external editor option. No need to copy-paste every time.

I 100% agree. I was about to create a feature request for this but stumbled on this one already open.

Any plans to add a find & replace capability? I'm very new to Joplin and have really enjoyed it, but this has already been a bit of an irritation.

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Hey is this feature open to contribute? ... I'm using Joplin regularly and I wish this was a part of the UX

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Should I open a pull request for the search and replace feature?

If you have implemented the feature you should post it first on the forums to get community feedback on it.
Sort Order Buttons and Per-Notebook Sort Order is a good example of a new feature being implemented with feedback before the PR was made.

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