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Find & Replace in All Notes


I need to do a find & replace across all my notes. The application doesn’t have this feature, but I was wondering about using Notepad++'s “Find in Files”. I sounds like the local data is stored in a database, but the sync data (which I have on a network share) appears to be in markdown files.

If I pointed NP++ to that folder and did “Find in Files” would that accomplish what I want or would it totally corrupt the sync data?


It would corrupt it. For automation, it’s best to use either the API or the CLI app.


I looked at the CLI documentation and didn’t notice anything obvious about find & replace. Does this mean that going the CLI route would require some sort of script that individually opens and searches each note?


@laurent Any thoughts on this (how to use the CLI for find & replace) ?


Yes some kind of script would be needed at the moment.